University of Akron for sale on craigslist — briefly; pass it on

With all the bad news coming out of The University of Akron lately, we all need a good laugh. And that’s what we got when the ad below went up on craigslist earlier this evening. The post was short-lived, though; craigslist took it down quickly.

Luckily, I had already copied the text and saved the entire ad as a PDF, so here it is. Please share widely. Wouldn’t it be lovely it if went viral?

The University of Akron for Sale (Akron)

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302 East Buchtel Ave
condition: like new

It is with a heavy heart I have to share with you all that the University of Akron will be closing. I take no great pride in this but please know I’ve done all I can. By eliminating the baseball team, closing facilities, outsourcing dining, laying off employees, and refusing to put a watchable football team on the field, we have done all we can. All we can short of adding ‘fees’ to upper level courses, gave that a shot and it didn’t pan out. 

With this in mind I want you to know that the Board of Trustees and I, President Scott Scarborough, will be fine. With the sale we will ensure that our salaries are paid in full for the foreseeable future. 

Now, while this is sad news for many of you I want to point out for the business savvy this is GREAT news. With a property located around Downtown Akron there are a multitude of options! Maybe you want to open a hotel or department store downtown? We own property that would be great for those needs. Maybe you want to start a semi-pro football team, we’ve got the space. Maybe you want to start your own university or technical college, our accreditation has lapsed so you will have to figure that out but sure, why not! Maybe you’re an established school (Kent, Cleveland State, Ohio State?) that wants a new branch campus, let’s talk. This property could certainly be whatever you desire! 

Property Highlights: 

E.J. Thomas Hall – This Hall recently celebrated forty-two great years, that didn’t stop me from showing up with campus police to close the facility and lay off the employees! Don’t worry, this hall is still in great shape with all the decor you loved from the 70’s (the last time we invested in it!). Here you can bring in crowds of up to 3,000, for smaller crowds lower those magnificent ceilings to provide an intimate feel. 

Quaker Square – This former Quaker Oat Facility turned hotel turned Residence Hall has some great history. Or at least I assume it does, I didn’t bother learning about it in my short time here. Either way, they’ve got a banquet hall, rooms, and a few shop spaces so check it out. Also, it’s the fourth tallest building in the city! 

Bulger Hall – Speaking of tall buildings here’s another one! This is the 11th tallest building in the city and home to many future homeless students. Don’t worry, we already fired their staff. The kids will figure it out soon enough. 

Goodyear Polymer Center – Eighth tallest building in the city! Home to science. It’s so valuable I wanted to ensure that if we survived long enough to become a tech school ‘Poly’ was involved in one of the words! 

Buchtel Hall – Now this building has my office in it, and I’m keeping it. Have you seen my office? It’s great. 

Infocision Stadium – This stadium has only seen a handful of wins and a handful of people since opening day. Opened in 2009 due to the fact that we confused football with futbal it has hardly been used. Like new condition. 

Cub Cadet Field – Home to the National Champion Zips but could be used for your little league soccer tournaments, you’ll notice how good the grass is. The grass was grown and transported from out of state, from an area that had similar weather to Ohio! I heard T2 with the Portland Timbers is willing to take care of our team once they’re disbanded. God Bless you Caleb Porter. 

We’re looking for $40,000,000 obo on this property. Trades too. Since I moved here I’ve really got into the Black Keys and would love to trade the campus for an El Camino. 

President S. Scarborough 

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers
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KSU establishing new Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality

A Joint Statement from Dean James Blank and Associate Professor Molly Merryman Regarding LGBT Studies:

It is with great excitement that we share this news with you: The College of Arts & Sciences at Kent State University seeks to establish a Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality, a faculty-led academic unit that will enable the expansion and integration of LGBT Studies and Women’s Studies. While the mission and exact structure are still to be developed over the next several weeks by an advisory group of faculty and students, it can be said that the Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality will bring Kent State University to the forefront of gender and sexuality research and scholarship, and it will create new undergraduate and graduate courses and curriculum that will offer an interdisciplinary perspective for the exploration and understanding of constructions of gender and sexuality.

This afternoon, we had a fun and inspiring meeting discussing our ideas on how we can position Kent State University as a leader in the study of gender and sexuality, building on the past and current role our university has had providing innovative scholarly programs for students.

Additionally, Dean Blank has appointed Molly Merryman, an associate professor of Sociology, to lead the formation of the new Center. Merryman (who recently resigned as the coordinator for LGBT Studies to bring attention to the lack of support for that program) will step back into coordinating LGBT Studies, and will be joined in this new initiative by Suzanne Holt, the Women’s Studies coordinator and instructor.

In the five days since the resignation, there has been an amazing outpouring of support from students, faculty, staff and community members for the program. The positive enthusiasm of these advocates inspired both Jim Blank and Molly Merryman. Jim states: “In these emails and letters I saw great ideas, interest and energy, so I knew the time was right for us to put forward a new vision.”

We both are excited that together we are positioning Kent State University as an innovator in the scholarly understanding of sexuality and gender. The establishment of the Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality is more than a fix of the problem—it is an investment in the future of this interdisciplinary academic pursuit and a commitment to our students.

Expect more news from us as we pull together our team and move forward.

National Coming Out Day open-mic night Oct. 11

 Calling all allies and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender supporters — join us in celebrating National Coming Out Day with the LGBT community and allies on Tuesday, Oct. 11. This event is free and will be held in the Student Union Starbucks lounge from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

This event aims at educating and raising awareness of the LGBT community issues and the LGBT rights movement.

This is an open mic event. Express your support by speaking or performing at the event.

Also show your support by inviting students to attend and sign up to read a fact about National Coming Out Day. Information will be handed out and crafts to create as well. Join the fun and support diversity!

For a time slot reservation, contact Aamina Jenkins, ZPN diversity chair, at or call ext. 7014. Participation is open to all faculty, staff and students.

This event is sponsored by the LGBT Equality Committee, the Office of Inclusion and Equity, Women’s Resource Center, Women’s Studies Academic Program, ZPN Diversity and LGBTU.

Download the flyer.

New on campus? Protect yourself from rape and sign the petition

I am not a big fan of Cosmopolitan magazine, but I am a fan of their latest campaign. Starting last month Cosmo declared it is “Fighting Campus Rape”!

Included in this fight is support of the SaVE Act. You can sign the petition, started by Security on Campus and hosted by, to encourage the Senate to pass the act here.

Now find out how to protect yourself on campus.

Take Back the Night comes to UA

Take Back the Night logo

Students of the University of Akron Women’s Studies Program’s “She’s a Rebel: Women And Resistance” class, along with Liberation In Progress, UA’s student feminist group, are proud to host the first Take Back The Night event on the UA campus.

This event, which will be held Tuesday, April 12, is part of a nationwide effort that allows women to come together, build strength and fight back against the violence that plagues the lives of women everyday.

The event will begin with an introduction to the event and speakers at 7 p.m. in the Student Union Ballroom, followed by a march around campus. It will wrap up with activities back in the SU Ballroom after the march.

Several community support networks will be present,  and free food will be provided.

Please join us in this effort to raise awareness about violence against women on our campus and help us support victims of violence.

Why we need to increase rape awareness at UA

On our campus alone, UA instructors recently learned that two UA students were raped during the last five weeks.

In both cases, the alleged rapists were other UA students known by the victims. In at least one of the cases, it is suspected that date rape drugs were used. Evidence indicates that several male students worked together to perpetrate at least one of the rapes.

We have also received reports that female students are being sexually harassed by male students in Bierce Library. This is a violation of UA’s Student Conduct Code. Victims may report the incident using this online form.


EXCLUSIVE From Tahrir Square: The City in the Field

EXCLUSIVE From Tahrir Square: The City in the Field.

Read this article by the nearly 80-year-old Egyptian feminist Nawal El Saadawi.

Vaginas are the unknown — and some people at Polsky want to keep it that way

Editor’s Note: Author Beth Thomason is a student in the fall 2010 Women’s Studies Program Special Topics course, That Chick is Crazy: Women and Madness. She is also a member of Liberation in Progress.

It is no secret that our vaginas must be kept secret. This sort of don’t ask don’t tell policy has been engrained into the minds of women since the onset of puberty.

Sexual/reproductive health education is minimal and vague. We learn the basics, almost enough to keep us from embarrassing ourselves in social situations—but not quite. (I am reminded of a friend who said no one taught her what her clitoris was. At the age of 23 she thought, “Isn’t it where pee comes out?”)

The vagina is seen as a dirty, messy place. It is the unknown—and some people want to keep it that way.

This is the kind of attitude you would expect in an elementary school, maybe even a strict high school. But what about a public university? What about our very own University of Akron?

If you are not familiar with Liberation in Progress, you are probably familiar with their bake sales. If you have ever passed by a seemingly innocent table of baked goods and heard “CHOCOLATE VAGINAS, PENIS COOKIES!”—they are not calling you names; they’re just selling their delicious, anatomically correct treats.

LIP is the feminist/gender equality organization here on campus, and they have more than one reason for not making grandma’s boring peanut butter cookies to fund their organization.

As feminists, their goal is to de-mystify female anatomy that has been put under such scrutiny. With the help of a candy mold, they make these chocolate vaginas to say, “See? That’s not so bad, is it?” What women are told to be ashamed of and keep to themselves, they are putting out there for all to see — on a stick, bagged, sealed, and signed with a kiss.

These little vulvas are about as pornographic as a Ziggy cartoon, so anyone who is offended by their mere existence should question why they feel that way in the first place.

Learning doesn’t happen in comfort zones. Sometimes it’s necessary to challenge the beliefs and views that society has established within us in order to progress our thinking. If we all stuck with the idea that boys/girls have cooties, our species would be—not literally—screwed. The world would be flat, and lobotomies would be the sole cure for headaches.

What I’m getting at is, with all of these good (albeit somewhat obnoxious—but effective!) intentions that LIP has for doing these bake sales, why would someone feel the need to shut one down, ship it to the other side of campus, and forbid it ever to come back to a certain building ever again?

Yes, that’s right—LIP was kicked out of Polsky for selling chocolate vaginas. Not only are the said baked goods prohibited from the building—any type of sexual/reproductive health information is not allowed to be displayed for the following reasons:

  1. “There are high school students that come into the building.” Sorry, I was under the impression that teenage pregnancy rates were pretty high…but I guess we should keep teaching abstinence-only sex education, keep our fingers crossed, and hope for the best—right?
  2. Vaginas are obscene, disgusting, and offensive. That’s according to the WOMAN who kicked LIP’s bake sale off the premises. Yes. A woman said vaginas are offensive. Way to perpetuate society’s negatively stigmatized gender stereotypes.

I don’t know about you, but all this rage makes me hungry for a chocolate vagina and some social progress!

To find out more about LIP’s fight against censorship on campus, I encourage you all to attend one (or all) of their meetings/events. Check out their Facebook page for more information.

Summit College bans student feminist group’s bake sale

Vulva Pop that is part of Liberation in Progress’s bake sale to raise funds to help prevent violence against women

Liberation in Progress, the University of Akron’s student feminist group, has been banned from holding its bake sales in the Polsky Building.

The offense? Selling chocolate candy in the shape of a woman’s vulva.

When the group set up shop on Wednesday, a member of the administrative staff at the Polsky Building told LIP members that their candy products were “disgusting, obscene and inappropriate,” according to LIP President Lindsay Newton. Then they were told to pack up their products and leave. 

Later, LIP leaders were told they needed to obtain special permission from the dean of Summit College for their table promoting safe sex, permission they would get ONLY if the group assured administrators no graphic material would be part of the display.

The group also sold its products in Olin Hall without incident.

The bake sale was part of LIP’s No Woman Left Behind campaign, which asks supporters to pledge “to acknowledge that consent [to sex] cannot be given when intoxicated” and “to intervene if a woman is being taken advantage of at a bar, party or club . . . to assist any woman in need.”

LIP leaders took immediate action in protest of the Polsky ban.  They started circulating a petition, formed a STOP CENSORSHIP committee  and contacted editors at UA’s student newspaper, The Buchtelite.

As the group’s Facebook page noted, “Liberation In Progress exists to FIGHT against this kind of small minded discrimination! We are not going to sit quietly and allow this section of OUR campus to ban safe sex and positive body image awareness!

“Vulvas are NOT vulgar, disgusting, obscene or offensive! They are a part of the body, just like the face and toe nail! Keep in mind we are not displaying pornography, we are not displaying graphic images of REAL vaginas, we are selling chocolate that has been set in a mold that vaguely resembles a vulva.”

Anyone who would like to join with LIP in protesting the censorship can contact the organization at or visit the group’s Facebook page.

If we name sexist language, we can change it

Sexist language is on the rise, according to a Sept. 3 article in The Guardian, but now there is a new way to fight back. Read more. Then take a look at the U.S. website the article is about,

Third wavers are “Generation Misunderstood”

Far from self involvement, far from apathy, WMC Progressive Women’s Voices alumna Courtney Martin sees the promise of new forms of activism developing from her generation. She tells us about it in her new book published this week.

Read “Generation Misunderstood,” by Martin, an exclusive on the Women’s Media Center website.