Some feminist thought from Roseanne

roseanneYesterday, I mentioned Roseanne in a post on my blog, Weird Perspectives, citing her as evidence that the gender revolution has produced real change. Last night, I just so happened to catch the series finale of “Roseanne” on TVLand, and I found my stance supported.

For those of us who have forgotten or never seen the episode, Roseanne’s parting words bear repeating:

Roseanne: “My mom came from a generation where women were supposed to be submissive about everything. I never bought into that, and I wish mom hadn’t either. I wish she had made different choices… I wanted her to have some sense of herself as a woman…”

Roseanne’s Mom: “You may think I’m crazy, but it is the women’s movement that has destroyed the family unit.”

Roseanne: “Oh yea, and she’s nuts!”

Roseanne: “Dan and I always felt that it was our responsibility as parents to improve the lives of our children by 50 percent over our own. And we did! We didn’t hit our children as we were hit. We didn’t demand their unquestioning silence. And we didn’t teach our daughters to sacrifice more than our sons. As a modern wife, I walked a tightrope between tradition and progress, and usually I failed by one outsider’s standards or another’s, but I figured out that neither winning nor losing count for women like they do for men. We women are the one’s who transform everything we touch, and nothing on earth is higher than that.”

Words certainly worthy of reflection, but in no need of further commentary from myself. Roseanne is a role model for us all.