Sign petition to educate Biden about low pay for adjunct faculty

The letter reprinted below is from Maria Maisto, president of New Faculty Majority, the national coalision for adjunct and contingent equity.

Friday the 13th was truly an unlucky day for college faculty. Vice President Joe Biden characterized them as supposedly overpaid and a major reason for the high cost of college! Mr. Biden claimed that “Error on salaries for college professors have escalated significantly? to “$100,000.”

In fact, what has escalated is the number of these so-called “part-time? faculty, who together with graduate students constitute over 60.5% of the teaching faculty (often 80% at community colleges). When you factor in the number of non-tenure-track full-time faculty, whose pay is closer to the $39,000 figure Biden quoted for the early 90s, the adjunct population reaches a whopping 75%!

With the average pay of part-timers $25,000 or less per year for having the same teaching loads and teaching responsibilities as their full-time colleagues, and the average pay for full-timers, tenure track or not, nowhere near the $100K range, it’s clear that Vice President Biden needs to be educated about the real working conditions of college faculty in the United States.

SO: educate him and his colleagues by signing this petition and recruiting as many additional signatures as you possibly can!

Because faculty working conditions are student learning conditions,

Maria Maisto
President, New Faculty Majority

Take action against the heartbeat bill

Speak out against H.B. 125, the heartbeat bill now under consideration in the Ohio State Legislature. Please call each state senator’s office and politely tell them:

  • House Bill 125 is unconstitutional.
  • Passing an unconstitutional bill will put the state in a costly court battle that would last years.
  • If they want to reduce the number of abortions that happen in Ohio, they should support the Ohio Prevention First Act, Senate Bill 190.

Then use this link to fill out the Web form to email their offices.

You can also read this Toledo Blade editorial, which effectively sums up the issue.