PMS doesn’t mean crazy

Editor’s Note: The author, Lauren Welsh, is a student in the fall 2010 Women’s Studies Program Special Topics course, That Chick is Crazy: Women and Madness, at The University of Akron.

Crazy, psychotic, a bitch, mad, mean, nuts, and scary are just a few words that men use when describing a woman who is on her menstrual cycle. How many times have we heard, “Oh, it’s that time of the month again” and “Are you on your period, or what”?

Why is PMS a constant reason for why there could be a change in a woman’s mood? The assumption of the seven-day bitch curse has been a reoccurring topic that men seem to be disgusted to talk about, but love to throw the around like it’s a football.

Now I’m not saying that a woman does not undergo different feelings during her menstrual period that could temporarily change her mood, but who wouldn’t be a little irritated when for six to seven days you are bloated, cramping, breaking out, tired, craving, bleeding, and having muscle aches? Sorry, boys, but the whole idea of women turning into “monsters” may be just a tad over-exaggerated.

Most doctors do recognize that PMS is a real medical condition that carries along real psychological and physical symptoms. For some lucky women out there, PMS is nothing but a small annoyance as they go on with their day, but for others PMS can be serious enough to interfere with everyday life.

There are many websites and magazine articles that help those troubled men deal with the craziness of evil women who are PMS-ing, and some of the helpful tips are:

  • Don’t ask her if she’s PMS-ing or if it’s that time of the month.
  • Don’t comment on what she is eating or how much she is eating.
  • Make sure there is a lot of Motrin around.
  • Surprise social engagements are never a good idea (camping, parties).
  • Presents out of nowhere are always a good idea.
  • If she seems upset, don’t do something that makes it worse.
  • Have a drink, or four, so you can handle moods and screaming in a more relaxed way.

The problem of the male human species commenting on the moods and attitudes of women while on their period may not seem like a huge deal to women. In fact many women even say that they are PMS-ing and do get a bit moody.

The problem seems to be that every negative action, bad mood, sensitive moment, or “bitchy” situation that comes up, tends to always result in women who are accused of being on their period, even when they actually are not. The whole idea that women who are on their period are crazy, or better yet, that whenever a woman is acting crazy means she is on her period, seems to be a little false.

Below are some creative, funny, and possibly offensive meanings for the acronym PMS:

The Top 10 things that PMS stands for:

  1. Pass My Shotgun
  2. Psychotic Mood Shift
  3. Pack My Stuff
  4. Perpetual Munching Spree
  5. Pardon My Sobbing
  6. Plainly Men Suck
  7. Permanent Menstrual Syndrome
  8. Pissy Mood Syndrome
  9. Pimples May Surface
  10. 10.  Pass My Sweatpants

The truth is, PMS should not be a diagnosis for men to give women when they are upset, irritated, somewhat bitchy, or having a bad day. And no, we are not certifiably crazy when we are on our menstrual cycle … just a little crazy.

🙂 Just kidding.



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  1. Perhaps I will never understand this because I am a male just like you will never understand why we stare at every girl who passes. Phsyiologically we are different and as much as we like to try to see through each others eyes… it just isn’t possible sometimes.

    this is one of those times. I feel like the PMS thing is a cop out answer to not following a healthy lifestyle with enough positive releases of energy. If you sit around and eat chocolate, complain about cramps, and then feel bad cause your eating chocolate and think you’re fat and lazy, and aren’t attractive to us anymore…. THEN YES, this spiral downwards is unattractive.

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