The Bad Girls Club: Why so bad?

Editor’s Note: Author Hanne-Lore Fisher is a student in the fall 2010 Women’s Studies Program Special Topics course, That Chick is Crazy: Women and Madness, at The University of Akron.

The Bad Girls Club is a reality television show including several different women who claim to be “bad” in one way or another.

Some of the women on the show claim to be bad girls because they are strippers or they take advantage of men, either for sexual purposes or for money. Other women on the show claim to be bad girls because they are violent and they tend to start fights with random people. Finally, some of the women claim to be bad because they do not fit in with other members of society.

Many of these women on the show can be viewed as crazy or mad. For example, Leah, one of the characters, seems to randomly pick fights with the more vulnerable women in the house. She starts arguments over little things that may not seem important to other people, but they somehow seem to set her off.

For instance, on one of the episodes Leah screams at her roommate, Brandi, and decides to switch to a different room because Brandi mentions the fact that Leah had an affair with a married man, which was true. I think that Leah might be bipolar because on the show you can see that Leah seems to have major mood swings. One minute she can be happy and having fun, and the next minute she’ll be screaming at someone and breaking things.

I believe that these women on The Bad Girls Club seem to fall under what sociologists would call the Labeling Theory. This basically means that people act the way society believes they will act. For example, viewers of this reality show assume that these women will act “crazy” and violent, and the majority of the time the women on the show do end up being violent and doing irrational things.

I think the idea of putting women with conflicting ideas — and maybe even conflicting perceptions of reality – together on a TV show is absolutely absurd. I’m sure that the producers of the show know ahead of time that if you put multiple women with violent tendencies in one house, they will eventually end up causing each other physical harm.

This show is like throwing a room full of hungry lions a piece of steak; they will end up hurting  each other to get it. In this situation, the women are basically fighting over who will gain the most attention.

Finally, I believe that the show is solely for entertainment at the expense of the women who believe they are “bad” and will do anything to show people how “bad” they are.

I’m sure this show will stay on the air because apparently people believe it is amusing to exploit women, some of whom have mental issues. These women think they are going to “The Bad Girls Club” to improve themselves, when they are actually exposing how “crazy” they are by means of promiscuity, drug and/or alcohol abuse, and mostly violence.

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