The bus ride

Today I decided to go to Panajachel, the place I stayed last year.

I got up early and went to the bus terminal. The buses are all old U.S. school buses painted elaborately, usually with Christian symbols. It was necessary to ride the bus about two hours, then change to Pana.

I, however, missed the stop. So I keep riding and riding and I’m dying to go to the bathroom so I think, “It must be two hours.”

I finally ask someone, and my stop is over an hour back. I am almost to Guatemala City. So I have to get off, run across the Pan American highway and catch the bus back.

A very large woman sits next to me. The buses are really crowded, sometimes three people in a seat. The woman keeps falling asleep, and her hand falls off the railing every time we round a curve and she hits me. Then she puts her head on my shoulder and snores.

The driver apparently cannot live without music.  It was the loudest music I have ever heard. I had to plug my ears with my sweatshirt and so did a couple of kids.

But you couldn’t understand a word of the songs because the speakers were bad so it was like living in a Rally commercial for three hours. One guy got up and shut it off but the driver just turned it back on.

I call this my vacation? It is so interesting…. but sometimes I think I am crazy. I read in the paper today that Guatemala has imported more guns than any other country from the United States. mmm


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  1. So many adventures. It’s quiet here in Ohio. Lots of snow.

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