Dec. 19: Stuck in Atlanta on way to Xela

I started out for Guatemala this morning to return for Spanish immersion school and to work in a women’s prison in the afternoon. However, I am sitting in a Ramada in Atlanta watching “Julia and Julie.”

After standing in line four h0urs this morning in Cleveland, I made my way to Atlanta. But, not onto Xela.   I missed my connecting flight, so Delta gave me $20 in vouchers and a free room.

The airports were so sad.  Families trying to get home, to India and Morocco. Soldiers all over Atlanta, lying on the floor, reading, sleeping. One family was moving to India, had sold their home and were homeless, not unlike the Tom Hanks character in the film “Terminal.”

I just read the books I brought and then meet two very fun women from Madison trying to get to Cancun. One wanted to give up, the other was let’s hang in there. They hung in there, and last I saw them they were in Atlanta with a six-hour layover but would get to Cancun tonight.

They invited me to join them for their next all inclusive.  They were hysterical. One was my age and had been at O.U.  when I was at Kent. Oh the good old days.  Sex, drugs, rock and roll. We saw one of those perfect woman, with a perfect husband and perfect children. But, she had chicken butt lips. Obviously, spends her days frowning and sucking lemons. I’d rather be imperect and not suck lemons.

Anyway, I hope to have good stories next week. But while you’re at it, read the CNN article yesterday on putting information on women who have abortions online. For data purposes of course.

What will they think of next?  Oh yeah, they already did: Make abortion illegal. Or even if you pay for your own health care, don’t let your insurance pay for pregnancy termination. Stu-hoo. Stupid.

Off to find dinner.  I should be on my way to Xela, getting car sick on the roads from hell.  But instead I’m walking off to have Mexican in Atlanta. Such is life.


2 Responses

  1. So you are back in Atlanta instead of on your way to Guatemala. So sorry about the delay, but you sound as though you are making the best of it and having fun anyway.

    At the very least you have added some interesting observations to the blog — and got to watch a good flick.

    Have a safe journey the rest of the way. And keep us up to date via the blog.

  2. I made it to Guatemala. More later. Patricia A. Millhoff, J.D. Associate Professor Criminal Justice Director, Womens Studies

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