Reviews of feminist films: free online

Despite a killer cold that hit me during our plane trip to Atlanta, I would not have missed “Difficult Dialogues,” the National Women’s Studies Association Annual Conference last week.

I could say so much about all the wonderful speakers and programs we heard — starting with keynoter Angela Y. Davis Thursday night and ending with a Sunday morning program on travel abroad as a feminist.

But I don’t have time to go into detail now. So I will limit myself to telling you about a fabulous resource for anyone who likes to use films in the classroom.

Films for the Feminist Classroom” is a free online journal hosted by the Rutgers-based offices of Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society.

In the two online issues published so far, the journal offers reviews of feminist films and special features such as interviews with film producers. The goal of the publication is two-fold:

  • provide a quality resource to help instructors choose films to use in their feminist classrooms and
  • ensure that students critically analyze the film and its message.

The reviews, which frame films from an academic perspective, provide:

  • summaries of the films and their themes,
  • analysis of the films,
  • suggestions about how the films relate to larger issues and
  • recommendations of other resources.

This journal is a labor of love by its three active editors, its editorial assistant and its founding editors, all from Rutgers. And they are looking for feedback about the publication as well as proposals for future reviews.


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