Todays news links from the Women’s Media Center

WMC_logo_300dpiFreed Journalists Home In U.S. After N. Korea Pardon
AP via NPR: Two American journalists freed by North Korea returned home to the United States on Wednesday for a jubilant, emotional reunion with family members and friends they hadn’t seen in nearly five months.

Governor Cuts Program That Aids Battered Women
San Francisco Chronicle: The swipe of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s sharp blue pencil that eliminated a domestic violence program from the state budget could leave some battered women with less help, advocates said Tuesday.

Threats Cloud Afghan Women’s Political Ambitions
NPR: Women in record numbers are seeking office in Afghanistan’s presidential and provincial elections later this month. The participation is a major change in a country where women weren’t even allowed to attend school eight years ago. But the election milestone masks a far darker reality for women in Afghanistan: Many female candidates and voters are facing oppression, threats of violence and fraud.

Women’s Media Group Protests Washington Post Video
AlterNet: The Washington Post produced a sexist and racially insensitive video; video gone, but still no apology.

Hot Story To Has-Been: Tracking News Via Cyberspace
NY Times: A database, at, will eventually enable researchers to search for key people, places and events – from Michael Jackson to the Iranian elections – and find out precisely when, where and how frequently they are covered…    

All-Female Daily Wins UN Literacy Awards
Inquirer Global Nation, Phillipines: A newspaper produced entirely by women in rural India is among the winners of this year’s Literacy Prizes awarded by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) for innovative programs designed to teach marginalized populations how to read and write.

World Pulse: A Magazine, A Movement, And A Mentor
Push the Future: World Pulse was founded in 2003 by Jensine Larsen, a young journalist covering indigenous movements and ethnic cleansing in South America and Southeast Asia, with a commitment to address international women’s issues. “We deliver a message of empowerment,” Casas explains. “We have no political agenda, nor are we are a humanitarian agency…We are simply a venue for the voices of women across the world to be heard.”

New York Tops Mag’s List Of Best Places In U.S. For Women To Have A Career – And Child
NY Daily News: Working moms can have it all – especially if they live in New York. A new study by ForbesWoman magazine found the city is the best place for a woman to have kids and a career.

Catholic Sisters Queried About Doctrine, Fidelity
AP via Google: A Vatican-ordered investigation into Roman Catholic sisters in the U.S., shrouded in mystery when it was announced seven months ago, is shaping up to be a tough examination of whether women’s religious communities have strayed too far from church teaching.

Politics Distorts Facts On Impact Of Abortion Coverage
RH Reality Check: Researchers found that the ban on federal Medicaid coverage of abortions for poor women-commonly known as the Hyde amendment-does have considerable impact: One in four women who would have an abortion if it were paid for by the government instead continue the pregnancy to term.

More Women Managing US Farms
Voices of America: Traditionally in the United States, women played important roles on the family farm helping their father or husband.  But a recent Census shows the number of farms run by women is rising.  Many of these women were drawn to farming from totally different careers.  They now enjoy bringing healthy and flavorful foods to local markets.  

Police Beat Women Opposing Sudan Dress Code Trial
AP via Yahoo! News: Sudanese police fired tear gas and beat women protesting at the trial Tuesday of a female journalist who faces a flogging for wearing trousers in public.

U.N. To Japan, Switzerland: Improve Rights Record
Women’s eNews: Some of the nations that have signed a U.N. convention to end discrimination against women are in New York and facing compliance review. At least two of the developed countries on the list–Japan and Switzerland–have room for improvement.

U.N. Urges Governments To Tap Women To Fight Global Downturn
Reuters: Governments in the Asia Pacific should come up with more stimulus projects that help drive an economic recovery by tapping into the female labor force, rather than just creating construction jobs that mainly employ men, a senior U.N. official said on Wednesday.

Labour Imposes Women-Only Lists In Half Seats Left By Retiring Mps
Times Online, UK: Labour has imposed women-only shortlists on more than half of its seats left vacant by retiring MPs, an analysis by The Times shows.

Breast Cancer: Study Of Radiation After Mastectomy Includes Chinese For First Time
NY Times: Women in Asia have traditionally enjoyed relatively low rates of breast cancer, but that is changing in China…Now, for the first time, a large international breast cancer study will recruit up to 200 patients from Beijing and six other Chinese cities to participate in a randomized clinical trial to assess the effectiveness of radiation therapy after mastectomy.

Health Professionals Debate Screening For Intimate Partner Violence
LA Times: Many doctors and hospitals have implemented procedures to screen women for intimate partner violence. The practice, however, is controversial. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force makes no recommendation on screening because of a lack of evidence that it can do much good.

10 U.S. Hospitals Turn ‘Baby-Friendly’ In 2009
Women’s eNews: During World Breastfeeding Week, Women’s eNews finds 10 more U.S. hospitals picking up the “Baby-Friendly” certification so far this year. That means they have met international health standards for encouraging breastfeeding and more.

Beyond Punishment: What Really Matters About Chris Brown’s Sentence
Huffington Post: Today, millions of us will watch R&B star Chris Brown chat up Larry King after he receives his sentence for brutally beating his very famous girlfriend. Smart money says that King will put to him the question that captivated so many of us when his plea deal was announced in June: did the court let him off too easy? Once again, it will be the wrong question.

‘Hung’ Co-Creator Laments The Lack Of Funny Pretty Women Over 35
NPR: As part of a New York Times Magazine profile of Anne Heche, who appears on the HBO drama Hung, the show’s co-creator, Colette Burson, talked about how lucky they were to cast Heche and said, “We auditioned a lot of people…It is incredibly difficult to find beautiful, talented, funny women over 35.” Zoiks.

Female Iraqis Take On Tradition In Wrestling Ring
NY Times: It doesn’t happen much in the Arab world, but a coach here decided in January to start an all-female wrestling team, the first ever in Iraq. The wrestlers love it and already dream of competing in the Olympics.

From ‘Gladiator’ To Headliner, Carano Has Chokehold On Fame
NY Times: At 27, Gina Carano has become the face of women’s mixed martial arts, fighting her way to respectability in a male-dominated sport that has yet to secure its own respectable place in the mainstream.


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