And now Hulteen

As if Lilly Ledbetter’s case wasn’t enough, the United States Supreme Court has made another ruling poised to discriminate against working women.
A.T.T. Corp. v. Hulteen dealt with pension benefits and whether women should get credit for time off for pregnancy if the leave was taken before the passage of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978.
The court found that women could be denied credit for the time they were off work as it related to their pension times.
As Dina Lassow, Senior Counsel for the National Women’s Law Center indicated, “This ruling erects barriers to the equal treatment of women in the workplace and gives a green light to employers to continue penalizing female employees who have borne children.”
And you wonder why there is still a gender gap!


One Response

  1. Let’s hope adding an “empathetic” woman to the court will help improve equity as well.

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