Feminists fight for equality for all, including gays, lesbians

Editor’s Note: This post was written by a student in the Spring 2009 Feminist Theory class in The University of Akron’s Women’s Studies Program. To read more student posts, click here.

civil-unionsIs it just me, or is the issue of a civil union between gays and lesbians still an issue for the straights and people who are afraid of change?

I mean, why is it that we cannot come together for once in our lives and stop the fighting? It’s not like we are going to harm anyone or do something terrible after we get the right.

Every type of feminism involves the issue of gay marriage because feminists fight for equality for everyone, not just women. We want everyone to be happy and live as one so we can stop all of the fighting and violence.

It is so true that over the last 30 years our beloved American culture has been extremely motivated to research gender issues as though non-heterosexuality is some type of disease.

It all started in the 1960s, when the various “rights” movements came into full effect. The radicals have supported the efforts of equality the most because they are radical, as is indicated by their name. Together with huge propaganda efforts channeled through the media–to change the norms and values not only of American society, but of the world — all feminist groups have stood together to stop this hatred towards those who love and want to be with the same sex.

At the core of this revolution are a multitude of studies by various groups trying to prove that sexism and homophobia are the cause of most of the problems of women and homosexuals, as well as of our society in general.

The topic of marriage or civil union may be out of the question for now, but it should not be like that. Who are we to judge one another for what we like? We don’t do it to them, so why should it be done to us?


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