Big test tomorrow

I hadn´t really thought about the fact that I would take a test at the end of my week in Spanish school. But tomorrow is the big day. Actually, it has been good to be a student. It makes me remember what it is like to really study and learn something new.

Yesterday I sat down at the lake for a long time. Two young women selling their wares starting having a fight about who was going to sell me stuff. In the end, neither of them had change for 100 quetzales, about $13, so neither could sell me anything. I did buy macadamia nuts —  is that spelled correctly? The keys are different on this typewriter, so I have lots of trouble with some things. Anyway, she had peanuts and pistachios but no macadamias.

She amazingly left her children with me while she went to find some. They were eight and five. We played a little. I told them their names were banana and apple, not Tomas and Jose. They thought that was hysterical. Really it is two of the only words I know!!

There are way too many vendors here. I don´t see how anyone can make enough to live on. Several of the children told me they come in from other places to sell here because there are tourists here.

Many of the children do not go to school because there is simply no money. They beg or sell things. Also, many of old people beg on the streets.

I talked to my teacher about domestic violence. She said it is very prevalent here. Both children and women are abused by the machismo men. There are programs but no shelters so the women really have no where to go. It would make a great project for my old age.

Interestingly, I did see a sign for International Women´s Day. They will have marimba bands and programs. It is in  a small village around the lake. I wish I could go but it is Saturday and I will be on my way home.

It is cloudy today so I´ll just study and grade papers. I promised my students to send their grades, but I am really very busy here. I definitely will come back for another week of school.

Tomorrow I travel vomit road again back to the city. I will stay at the same hostel and then fly out at 7 a.m. so I have to get up at like 5.

It is very peaceful here in spite of my screamer. I kind of hate to leave.

By the way, it was so exciting to see on television in Guatemala that the Zips made the NCAA tournament. That is amazing. Go Zips. Wouldn´t you know they would make it when I am out of the country.

That is very divertido!! fun.


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