As some of you know, I am in Guatemala for a week. I arrived last night around ten and came in a shuttle through dark, deserted streets to my hostel. From the street it looked like a garage or warehouse. You can’t tell from the street that anything you would want to go in is behind the huge doors. But inside it is pleasant, if not plain. I took pictures of my room to share. The sink was smaller than a prison sink. It is about six blocks from the airport and it sounded like airplanes would land in the room all night.

On the plane I sat next to two very interesting people. The first was a Mexican woman who works in Canton. She has C.P. and is wheelchair bound. She has started her doctorate on line at Walden and wants to be a therapist. She encouraged me to practice my Spanish and I need encouragement!!

Dallas Fort Worth airport was my next stop. It is so beautiful and clean. Maybe my favorite airport. I sat next to a teenager who was burned badly all over her body. But she also was willing to try to understand my Spanish. She appeared to be on her way home having been in Dallas for treatment. I was dying to asked what happened but didn’t.

Today I travel by bus to Panajachel. It is over a three hour bus ride so I am off to try to find foud for lunch. It’ll be around 2 when I get there and I know I’ll be starving.

My room here at Los Volcanes was $25 for a private bath and breakfast. Breakfast was scambled eggs with pineapple marmalade and tea.  I just eat whatever people give me because of my terrible Spansih,

In Panahachel I am staying with a local family. The intention is that I will force myself to speak Spanish  further than good morning and how are you. That remains to be seen. 

Hope this isn’t too boring.


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