Get the buzz on the Ms. magazine Obama cover

2009wintercoverThe buzz continues on the Barack Obama Ms. cover for its Special Inaugural Issue. Some people think it’s great. Some people don’t.

CNN featured the debate yesterday, even though the issue is not yet available on newsstands.

No wonder. It’s not every day Ms. puts a man on the cover, which this time was a design created by illustrator Tim O’Brien.

Here’s the story according to Ms.:

In choosing the cover for this special inaugural issue, Ms. wanted to capture both the national and feminist mood of high expectations and hope as the 44th President of the United States takes the oath of office. And Ms. embraced the opportunity to tell the world men can be feminist too!

When publisher of Ms., Eleanor Smeal, and the chair of the Feminist Majority Foundation board, Peg Yorkin, met Barack Obama, he immediately offered, “I am a feminist.” And better yet, he ran on the strongest platform for women’s rights of any major party in American history. Feminist Karen Kornbluh, the platform’s principle author, ensured women’s rights, opportunities, advancement, and issues were addressed throughout the historic document.

Like the poster so much that you want a copy for yourself? You can get it by becoming a Ms. member. Or you can order the poster alone. Visit the Ms. site for details.


2 Responses

  1. […] Get the buzz on the Ms. magazine Obama cover […]

  2. I love this story, more importantly I love this cover. It shows to everyone that men can be feminist too and that feminism is not a bad word. I love it, I can’t wait to get my poster.

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