Round-up of feminist political news

Visit the Ms. Web site to contribute your feminist ideas for change
The first issue of Ms. magazine in 2009 will hit news stands just as President-elect Barack Obama is sworn in. And it will feature the best of YOUR ideas for moving forward to make the change we need. Submit your ideas by clicking here.

Women are gaining political power, says a recent CNN story. Read it here

2008 Election Analysis: Gender Gap Delivers
Women’s votes delivered the electoral votes of New Hampshire, North Carolina, Colorado and Indiana to Barack Obama and elected several Democratic U.S. Senators. Read more.

Check out the National Women’s Law Center’s Platforms for Progress
It offers concrete proposals and outlines steps that should be taken by the new Congress and Administration in the areas of education, employment, basic economic security, health, and legal rights. Download the complete Platform.

How does the U.S. rank regarding political empowerment of women? 
The United States now ranks 56th for its political empowerment of women. And as The Global Gender Gap Report 2008 says, gender equality is an important factor in determining a country’s competitiveness because it relates directly to its use of human talent.

As the reports says, “To maximize its competitiveness and development potential, each country should strive for gender equality—i.e., to give women the same rights, responsibilities and opportunities as men.”  Download the report here

Sexes equal in education, but women lack power: study says
Women still lag far behind men in top political and decision-making roles, a waste of talent given that their access to education and healthcare is nearly equal, the World Economic Forum said on Wednesday. Read the full story.


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