Why women aren’t flocking to Palin

When I read that women are not flocking to the McCain-Palin ticket, I was not surprised. I had read the news stories, the blogs, the forwarded e-mails, and the Web sites that dish the dirt on McCain’s dame — and I knew there were plenty of other women reading them too.

We know Palin was picked to attract votes from right wing Christians first and women second.

The first category of voters will probably fall into line. After all, their leaders, members of the Council for National Policy, secretly vetted the woman.

But like Europeans, American women — including some of her fellow governors — are too smart for that. We know Palin does not support the issues dear to our hearts — reproductive rights, the environment, peace — just to name a few.

“Nothing whatsoever in the polling indicates women have crossed over to support the Republican ticket as a result of anything, including Sarah Palin,” says Ruth Mandel, director of the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers and a founder of the Center for American Women and Politics at the New Jersey institution.

In a Sept. 19-22 Bloomberg poll, 49 percent of women said they would vote for the Obama-Biden ticket; only 40 percent picked McCain-Palin. A plurality of women think she is unqualified for the job of vice president, according to a story from Bloomberg news.

In fact, many fear Palin may be the head “Aunt” running the gender-based caste system that Margaret Atwood wrote about in her frightening dystopia, The Handmaid’s Tale.

To get the dirty details about the Republican’s VP candidate, visit Women Against Sarah Palin.

If you need a laugh after digging in all that dirt, watch Tina Fey’s reprise of Palin’s Couric interview on Saturday Night Live here.

Then read Robin Morgan’s treatise about Palin that includes:

  • Ten Nice Things to Say About Sarah Palin
  • Ten Blunt-Crayon Hints for the Media
  • Ten Reasons You CANNOT Support McCain-Palin
  • Five Ways to Still Make History

One Response

  1. Palin sharply criticizes Obama Pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, yet hypocritically the Republican party gave Wright 1.5 million dollars in Faith Based Initiative money to run a daycare.

    If Palin is so offended by Wright, why does she support the 1.5 million dollar Federal donation to his daycare.

    Quality daycare is a number one issue for all women with children and Palin has failed miserably to support this critical issue.

    Melinda Wallace

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