Women’s Studies welcomes you to fall semester

L.I.P. ServiceIt’s a new semester for the Women’s Studies Program at The University of Akron, and we have some fun and exciting things planned for you. Take a look at a few.

  • Join the snazzy new student feminist organization on campus, L.I.P. Service. Learn more about it.
  • Find out about the informative programs and events — covering topics such as diversity and women’s health — on the calendar for the Women’s Studies Program this fall.
  • Be part of the next Vagina Monologues, a V-Day benefit from the University of Akron.
  • Wear the story of women on your wrist with the student-designed Women’s Studies Bracelet — and help those with MS.
  • Check out our fall courses.

One Response

  1. I went to see Ishmael Beah speak last wednesday at E.J. Thomas hall and I was blown away by his speech. He is not only intelligent but he is very funny. He mainly talked about why he wrote the book. When people think of contemporary Africa, they automatically think of fighting and wars. People do not understand that they are the same as us. They want a family, love, a secure job, they are people too and Beah wanted us to realize that, so by writing his book, he put a human face on contemporary Africa to show us they are people too.

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