Getting real about the feminization of poverty

Work and Welfare 1996-2005We who teach Women’s Studies courses are familiar with the phrase “the feminization of poverty.” This fall, students at The University of Akron can get an in-depth look at what the phrase means in the real lives of real women.

Jodi Ross, a doctoral student in sociology,  is teaching a Special Topics course on the subject. Called Women and Poverty, it is offered Monday and Wednesday,  12:15p.m.-1:30p.m. The course number is 1840:485:001. Visit Zipline to register. Or download a flier about the course.

Jodi was one of two winners of the university’s Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Doctoral Award this spring. She is also president of UA’s Committee for Research on Women and Gender, also known as CROW.

Her areas of interest include deviance, criminology, gender, mothering, and qualitative methodology. She has completed graduate coursework in qualitative methodology across several disciplines including sociology, anthropology and education. Her dissertation research will use ethnographic methods to examine the mechanisms of informal social control in a gentrifying neighborhood.

If you have questions about the course, contact Jodi at

If you can’t take the course but want to learn more about the effects of 1996 welfare “deform” on women, click here.


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