Does quality education for girls put boys at risk?

Whose education is at risk — girls’ or boys’? Does ensuring a quality education for girls put boys at a disadvantage in the classroom?

The answer to those questions, according to the latest report from the American Association of University Women released today, is no.

The findings of Where the Girls Are: The Facts about Gender Equity in Education show that girls’ successes do not come at boys’ expense. Rather, when girls do better in school, so do boys.

While the 124-page report finds no evidence of a boys’ crisis, it does uncover large disparities in educational achievement by race/ethnicity and family income.

The AAUW report is the most comprehensive analysis to date on trends by gender, race/ethnicity and income in education.

The report received front page coverage in The Washington Post. You can also read it in the following publications:

Upcoming television programs that will feature the AAUW report include the “NewsHour with Jim Lehrer” and “To the Contrary” on PBS. The shows will  feature interviews with Linda D. Hallman, CAE, AAUW executive director.

Blogs featuring the AAUW report so far include Education Week’s Eduwonkette, the American Council on Education and Best Education Today.

Copies of Where the Girls Are may be downloaded free from the AAUW Web site. Read more about the issue on AAUW’s blog, Dialog.


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