Attend last few Women’s History Month events and Gender Symposium

xsmsamara_foto.jpgIt’s not too late to celebrate Women’s History Month and attend a gender symposium too.

Click here to find out about the last few events on The University of Akron‘s Women’s Studies Program calendar, as well as the upcoming Graduate Gender Symposium here at UA on April 3 and 4.


2 Responses

  1. The presentation given on Thursday night by Judith Lorbert proved to be very beneficial to me as it elaborated and tied into many of the concepts we have talked about during the course of this semester. Lorbert discussed the injustices that occur in our society due to the “gendering” we practice and force on every person from the time of birth. The speaker made a good point by describing how virtually everything in our lives is gender specific. Things such as dress, cosmetics, food, and language have certain characteristics that fall into a more masculine or feminine category. In the presentation, Judith said that our society has seen more progress towards racism than sexism and this can be seen through the current presidential campaign and polls that have been administered to analyze what America thinks about a white woman or a man of color assuming the highest leadership position. According to Lorbert, 76% of America said that they are ready to accept a man of color before a white woman in the run for presidency.
    In my opinion, I thought Lorbert’s most insightful and concrete point was when she told us that sex differences are truly based more on a continuum than on a dichotomy because we are all a mixture of estrogen and testosterone. The amount of hormones we have change according to hormonal cycles that both men and women go through in their lifetimes. Due to this, she suggested that we need to recognize that the two categories are not homogenous but they are actually intersecting. Lorbert challenged the audience to think of a world that would not be structured by gender. She also asked us if why we could not begin to place people into categories that would not segregate and compromise the special talents, capabilities and possibilities of individuals such as height, birth month, etc. The presentation also alluded to the fact that in order for this “degendering” to happen we must dismantle it at the organizational, structural and personal level. I think it was very interesting to attend this event because it incorporated components we have talked about extensively. We have spent a lot of time talking about gender categories and how people like intersex, hermaphrodite, and homosexual do not fit neatly into the “male” and “female” categories. These individuals continue to challenge the solidity of these dichotomous categories and are making us all stop and think about what being “male” and “female” actually means.

  2. Wow Jana! Thanks for posting about the event. It sounded interesting and informative. I wish I had the chance to go as well. Glad you enjoyed it.

    ~ Sarah Laurenti

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