Reclaiming bitch

Bitch ButtonIn our Feminist Theory class a few weeks ago, we read “The BITCH Manifesto” by Joreen Freeman.

Our discussion of this 1968 text led to a conversation about the word “bitch” that centered on the idea of reclaiming the word for women by considering it a positive term, rather than a negative one.

We agreed that wearing the “bitch” label proudly would affirm the idea that bitches are subjects, not objects, who sometimes make people uncomfortable because they threaten the social structure and social values that keep women in their place.

Bitches, according to “The BITCH Manifesto” and our discussion, are not afraid to speak their mind and stand up for themselves and their own individual values.

Bitch the new blackAccording to this video clip from a recent episode of “Saturday Night Live,” bitches have another positive characteristic: They get things done.

Watch the clip for a fresh and funny perspective. Then add your comments.


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