Talking about “Blood Rites: The Religion of War”

Blood RitesSeveral discussion questions submitted by students in Gender Roles in Wartime and Peacetime this week focused on Barbara Ehrenreich’s article “Blood Rites: The Religion of War.”

Read the questions below and post your comments on one or both.

  1.  Barbara Ehrenreich points out that the “mass feelings inspired by war” are very similar to those of religion” (43). Why is it that women are so involved in and emotional about both war and religion, despite the fact that their gender greatly limits their participation in both? – from Amanda
  2. Ehrenreich describes the public frenzy towards war as something “marked by emotional intensity and a fixation on totems representative of the collectivity” (41). If this is coming from the pro-war side, could the same, or similar kind of activity be presented by the anti-war side? – from Laura

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